End Cap 2540

CO2 laser-based fiber splicer for large diameter optical elements.

  • Splicing of large optical elements with different shapes
  • Splicing of large diameter end caps (e.g. 0.5" or 1")
  • Splicing of end caps with antireflection (AR) coating
  • Fibers from 125µm up to 2.5mm
  • Low insertion losses
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Machine key features

CO2-laser heat source
  • Splicing of thin fibers with large end caps
  • Splicing of AR-coated end caps
  • Precisely temperature-controlled heating process
  • Reliable splice connections
  • Contamination-free splice connections
  • Precisely adjustable process temperature
  • No maintenance and calibration of heat source (advantage against electrodes and filaments)
  • High mechanical strength of splice connections
  • No process gases or compressed air
Automation technology
  • Open PC-based Beckhoff automation technology
  • PC-based real-time controller with windows interface
  • High process reproducibility (real-time process control)
  • Permanent recording and control of process data
  • Easy export and evaluation of process data, pictures and videos
  • Easy machine integration in existing infrastructure
  • Customized user surface
  • Interface for SAP-System
  • Connection to all common fieldbuses
  • Data communication with user interfaces and other programs (Microsoft standards: OPC, OCX, DLL, etc.)
  • AR-coated fiber end caps
  • Fiber laser and amplifier
  • Beam delivery
  • Easy and stable high power fiber coupling
  • Large optical elements for beam shaping
  • Industrial, Scientific, Optical Metrology, Astronomy
  • Photonics, Telecom, Biomedical, Quantum technology
  • Diode Lasers, LED, OLED
  • Laser material processing
Technical data
Laser power
Automation technology
Open PC-based Beckhoff technology
(windows interface)
Fiber diameters
125µm up to 2.5mm
Fiber type
Single- and multi-mode fiber
End cap diameter
> 5mm
Process temperature control
±15°C (at 1800°C)
1200 x 550 x 450mm (L x W x H)
Operation conditions
15°C to 40°C
Optical inspection
High resolution camera
Automatic test of tensile strength after splicing process

All listed parameters are typical values specified at room temperature. Specifications are subject to change without notice.