Consulting Consulting

  • Fiber-based solutions from optical design to automated production
  • Production of your own fiber components
  • Design of monolithic fiber lasers and amplifiers

Express 72h Express

Service Fiber-Splice Service

  • Splice optimization
  • Feasibility test
  • Preferred with Fujikura Equipment
    In cooperation with Opternus

The FiberBridge Photonics team has more than 10 years of experience in fiber component manufacturing and fiber laser development. With this background we understand the goal of our customers and put all our efforts into providing them the best solution. Benefit from our expertise by choosing the right fiber component for your setup and work more efficiently with integrated fiber assemblies - don't waste time and performance, e. g. for avoidable splice connections or mismatched fiber pairs. In case of necessary fiber splice connections use our fiber splice service and benefit from our expertise including several hundreds of fiber splices with specialty fibers.
For reasons of flexibility, variability, availability, cost effectiveness or company policy you prefer to use your own fiber component machine equipment? FiberBridge Photonics provides consulting services for fiber component machinery and manufacturing. We will assist you in achieving high performance all-fiber lasers and amplifiers or any kind of fiber-based optical systems.

For daily production, in case of supply shortages or for prototype development on short time scales the fast availability of fiber components is essential. FiberBridge Photonics offers for selected standard components an express service within 72 hours (+ shipping time)*.


* FiberBridge Photonics GmbH provides for selected fiber component products Express manufacturing service within 72hours (excluding Saturday, Sunday and holidays) after confirmation of the customer order by FiberBridge Photonics GmbH. The 72 hours manufacturing does not include shipping time. The shipping time can vary depending on country. All shipping charges are to be paid by the customer. The minimum order value for Express service is 500 EUR. FiberBridge Photonics GmbH reserves the right to deny the Express service.