Pump combiner

Key features
  • Freely selectable signal and pump wavelength
  • Active or passive signal fiber
  • Suitable for counter-pumping1)
  • Preservation of light polarization
  • Very low signal insertion loss
  • High power package
  • Pumping of fiber laser and amplifier
  • Pumping of multi-core and large mode area fibers (LMA)
  • Pump combiner for Nd-, Yb-, Er-, Ho-, Tm-fiber
  • Industrial, Biomedical, Telecommunication
  • Metrology, Life Science, Imaging, Quantum optics
  • Gravitational wave detection, Atom cooling and trapping
Technical data
400 - 2200 nm
(other wavelength on request)
Pumping direction1
co and counter1
Fiber type
active or passive, PM or non-PM
Signal insertion loss
< 0.3dB (typ. < 0.2dB)
> 17dB (typ. > 20dB)
Pigtail length
> 0.8m
105/125, 106.5/125, 110/125
0.15, 0.22
Coupling efficiency2
> 85% (typ. ≥ 90%)2
Max. number of pump ports
- 125 µm - cladding
2 (max. 75W per port)3
- 250 µm - cladding
2 (max. 75W per port)3, 4 (max. 60W per port)3
- ≥400 µm - cladding
2 (max. 75W per port)3, 4 (max. 60W per port)3
Ask for other cladding sizes!
Ask for higher power level!
Pigtail length
≥ 1 m
Package Size
90 x 25 x 14,8 mm L x W x H

All listed parameters are typical values specified at room temperature. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
1) In case of counter-propagation signal cladding light may damage the fiber combiner and the laser diodes.
2) ≥ 90% of pump power within 0.15 NA.
3) Heatsinking is required, recommended package temperature between 18°C and 35°C

Ask for your individualized fiber component. Send an email to info@fb-photonics.com.